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Laura Jacob is the president of Pro Way Development based in Stamford, CT.  She helps clients to connect their business plan to their “people plan.” A people plan, like a business plan helps you ensure that you have the right policies and practices in place to hire, manage, and motivate your employees to drive business results.
Laura has worked with Fortune 1000 organizations such as GE, Perot Systems and UBS in the U.S. and Canada as well as virtually across the globe. She also serves as adjunct faculty at the University of Bridgeport in Stamford, CT, the University of Phoenix in Norwalk, CT, and Westchester Community College. Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Religious Studies from the University of Toronto, a master’s degree in Industrial Relations from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and a number of professional certifications. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, and the Greater Norwalk and Stamford Chambers of Commerce. Tel: (203) 961-0227 Email: laura@prowaydevelopment.com
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