United Way of Western CT, Volunteer Center of SW Fairfield Co. Merge

The two groups are hoping the merger will spark a "best practices" renaissance of volunteerism across the area.

The United Way of Western Connecticut and Volunteer Center of Southwestern Fairfield County announced Wednesday morning that they would be merging.

The groups hope United Way will see marked improvement in their volunteer mobilization efforts while the Volunteer Center will be able to expand services already offered.

"Volunteerism is such a crucial part of how we can strengthen our community," said United Way of Western Connecticut Board Chairperson Brooke Feder.

The groups are hoping their programs will expand regionally as they begin to implement a successful best practices approach to volunteerism in the area.

"Indeed, United Way has been side-by-side with the Volunteer Center since it was founded," said Rich Colbert, Chair of the Volunteer Center's Board of Directors. "We hope to be side-by-side for decades to come."

Colbert went on to liken the merger as a monumental event in the history of volunteerism in the state.

"It's one small step for the Volunteer Center, one giant leap for volunteerism," he said.

Employees should not be affected in any negative manner and should "enjoy the benefits of the merger," said Feder.


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