When Metro-North Suspends Service for Weather, Who Should Pay?

At the most recent CT Commuter Council, it was reportedly the hottest topic.

If Metro-North suspends service for meteorological events, should ticket holders who purchased a pass for the whole month receive some kind of rebate? It was the hottest question covered during the most recent CT Commuter Council in Stamford, according to the Stamford Advocate.

The Advocate reported legislation has been introduced and is currently under consideration by the Transportation Committee that would require the validity of week- and month-long passes to be extended when service is suspended for more than 48 hours.

The Department of Transportation is reportedly opposing the legislation, according to the Advocate, as rail fares are already subsidized by taxpayers.

Jim Cameron, Chairman of the Commuter Council, likened the lack of repayment to the purchaser to fraud in an opinion piece to the Fairfield Sun, going so far as to title the piece The Great Train Ticket Robbery. He cited testimony from 15 commuters supporting the bill and said when service can't be provided, ticket holders should be made whole.


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