Stamford Names Conte As Chief of Unified Fire Department

The mayor's office made the announcement late Tuesday.

The following is a release from the City of Stamford:

Mayor Michael A. Pavia announced today that Chief Antonio Conte will serve as the Fire Chief of the Stamford Fire Department, and will oversee the organization of both career and volunteer firefighters.

The Stamford Fire Department was formed through Charter Revision this past November. The Charter consolidated Stamford Fire and Rescue Department and the Volunteer Fire Companies of Belltown, Glenbrook, Long Ridge, Turn of River and Springdale, under the City of Stamford Fire Department.

"It was important that I select a Chief with years of experience and someone that is well respected in Stamford," Pavia said. "I am confident in Tony Conte’s ability to lead a fire department that is committed to protect lives and property and to serve the community with the highest expertise in fire, rescue, medical emergency services."

Chief Conte has served as Fire Chief of the Stamford Fire and Rescue Department since July 2011, and Deputy Chief since 2000. Conte, a highly respected 38-year veteran of the fire service, is a second generation firefighter of the Stamford Fire and Rescue Department. He has 26 years as a fire officer, Chief in Charge of Training for more than 10 years, and serves as Director of the Stamford Regional Fire School.

"The nature of the city’s fire protection has fundamentally changed," said Ted Jankowski, Director of Public Safety. "Chief Conte is a 38 year veteran whose steadfast dedication to the fire service is exemplary. His experience and leadership will provide the necessary command to unify the fire service in the City of Stamford. Having a unified department with defined standards and performance objectives will provide all members, volunteer and career, the opportunity to perform safely and proficiently. I’m confident Tony will continue to be an excellent fire chief."

Other chiefs form the area also supported the decision.

  • "I believe the appointment of the new citywide chief is an important step towards moving the city fire service in a new direction," said Chief John Didelot of the Belltown Volunteer Fire Department. "I feel Chief Conte is well prepared for the challenges the position will present and I expect to be working closely with him as we move forward.”
  • "It’s good that the City has selected someone who is familiar with delivering fire service in the City of Stamford," added Chief Shaun Fahan of the Springdale Volunteer Fire Department. "Springdale has been working with Chief Conte for the past year on fire training. He is more than capable of leading the fire service into the future."
  • "We have an excellent working relationship with Chief Conte and SFRD," offered Chief Eddie Velez of the Glenbrook Volunteer Fire Department. "Chief Conte provides a wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership, and certainly understands fire service throughout the city."

Mayor Pavia concluded that, "Anthony Conte is exactly the right person to lead the Stamford Fire Department. I have the utmost confidence that the City of Stamford and its safety is in good hands with Chief Conte leading the fire service."


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