Stamford Health Department Warns of Rabies Threat

Stamford health department officials are concerned as two skunks captured in the past three weeks have tested positive for the viral infection.

The Stamford is advising residents to stay away from wild animals after a woman was reportedly bitten by a rabid skunk earlier this month.

According to a report in the Stamford Advocate the woman was treated and is OK, however health department officials are concerned as it was the second skunk in three weeks to test positive for the viral infection.

According to a health department press release, the first skunk was reported on July 25. The second skunk, which bit the woman, was reported on August 15. Both were captured and brought to the Stamford Department of Health Laboratory, where they tested positive for rabies.

Residents who see wild animals that appear sick or acting strangely should call animal control at 203-977-4437.

As per the release, symptoms of rabies in animals include:

• Moving slowly/difficulty moving
• Acting as if it is tame
• Appears sick
• Has problems swallowing
• Has an increase of saliva/drooling
• Acts aggressive
• Has paralysis
• Bites at everything if excited
• Unusual vocalization

Residents are also advised to make sure their pets' rabies vaccinations are current.

Rabies is a viral disease transmitted through saliva which attacks the nervous system. Primarily transmitted through bites, it can infect all warm-blooded mammals, including humans. It reportedly has an incubation period of three to seven weeks, but the onset can last even longer.


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