Stamford Fiscal Committee Chair John Mallozzi Announces Resignation

The Stamford Board of Representatives Fiscal Committee Chair John Mallozzi announced Monday night he'd be stepping down from the position of chair in preparation for leaving the board entirely.


John Mazzolli, chair of the Stamford Fiscal Committee announced Monday night during the special budget meeting that he'd be stepping down from his position.

Mallozzi said the move was so he would be able to move on from the Board of representatives entirely.

"I would like to say thank you to the Fiscal Committee for the work they've done," Mallozzi said during his closing remarks on the fiscal committee's report to the Board of Representatives. "I appreciate all the help I've received in the last couple of years, but [after tonight] I will be resigning as chairman of the Fiscal Committee and ask to be removed from the fiscal committee in preparations of leaving the board completely."

Board of Representatives President Randall M. Skigen thanked Mallozzi and said they would "deal with all that at the June meeting."


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