Stamford Digging Out Following Hercules Snow Storm

With Hercules having moved past the region and the snow totals are being counted (Stamford saw 7.5 inches!), here's what Stamford can expect in the next couple days now that the Emergency Operations Center has resumed a normal operating schedule and the Office of Operations continues to plow and spread materials on roadways.

According to Director of Public Safety, Health and Welfare Ted Jankowski, the snow is ending and temperatures throughout Friday will range from 5 and 15 degrees, but wind chills will make it feel more like 5 to minus-5 degrees. Winds of 15 to 20 mph with gusts of up to 35 mph will be persistent but decrease throughout the day. A wind chill advisory remains in effect until Saturday morning at 9 a.m.

Friday night, a low of around minus-2 degrees is expected, though it will remain mostly clear. winds of 5 to 9 mph will begin to calm after midnight, though temperatures could make it feel like minus-15.

On Saturday, it should be sunny with a high near 26, but wind chill values as low as minus-2 degrees.

Jankowski reminds residents that the removal of snow and ice on sidewalks in front of homes and businesses must be completed within 12 hours of the cease of snow fall or freezing. If the snowfall occurs overnight, it must be completed by 10 a.m. so that sidewalks and roadways are safe for public travel. 

Snow and ice must also be removed from passenger cars, trucks and commercial vehicles due to the danger of ice missiles. Residents normally receiving trash pickup Thursday or Friday will have their pickup on Saturday now, he said.

Warming Centers remain open Friday and will reopen Saturday.  Specific locations and hours are as stated below:

  • Stamford Government Center Lobby: Friday and Saturday (8am to 9pm)
    888 Washington Blvd.

  • YMCA: Friday an Saturday (9am – 5pm)
    909 Washington Blvd.

  • Chester Addison Community Center: Friday (9am – 5pm)
    245 Selleck St.

  • Union Baptist Church: Friday (9am – 2pm)
    805 Newfield Avenue

  • Central Fire Headquarters: Friday and Saturday (8am - 6pm)
    629 Main St.

  • South End Fire Station: Friday and Saturday (8am – 6pm)
    215 Washington Blvd.

  • West Side Fire Station: Friday and Saturday (8am – 6pm)
    80 Fairfield Ave.

  • East Side/Shippan Fire Station: Friday and Saturday (8am – 6pm)

  • Woodside Fire Station: Friday and Saturday (8am – 6pm)
    1600 Washington Blvd.

  • Belltown Fire Station: Friday and Saturday (8am – 6pm)
    8 Dorlen Rd.

  • Long Ridge Fire Station: Friday and Saturday (8am – 6pm)
    366 Long Ridge Rd.

  • Sprindale Fire Station: Friday and Saturday (8am- 6pm)
    987 Hope St.

  • Turn of River Fire Station: Friday and Saturday (8am-6pm)
    Buxton Farms Rd.
Jankowski said Stamford residents need to avoid overexertion while shoveling snow, which can cause a heart attack, one of the leading causes of death in winter, he said. Be sure to stretch before heading out. Also ensure to protect against the elements to avoid frostbite and hypothermia by wearing warm, loose-fitting, lightweight clothing in several layers. Stay indoors when possible and change out of wet clothing quickly to avoid body heat loss.


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