Stamford DCC Takes Straw Poll Vote for Mayoral Candidates

The committee took a vote to gain a sense of which candidates currently had the strongest support.

With the mayor's position up for election this year in Stamford, members of the  Democratic City Committee meeting took a straw poll vote Tuesday night to find where the strongest in-party support currently stood.

The top eight candidates were included on an informal ballot that the 35 present members used to individually vote for one to three members as their favorite. Three additional ballots were cast off-site previously by members who couldn't be present.

The informal votes were tallied as follows:

David Martin 25 William Tong 24 Moira Lyons 13 Bill Callion 12 Frnak Fedeli 10 Eileen Heaphy 7 Marylou Rinaldi 6 Randall Skigen 1 (write-in)

Martin reacted after the win by revealing his New Year's resolutions.

"I had three resolutions. One was to lose weight, the second was to get involved with real change in gun control and the third was to be mayor of this great city," he said. "I've already lost a few pounds. I gotten involved with (DCC's Kate Urbank's) gun control group and I've won this straw poll. It's a good start to moving this great city forward."

William Tong called the vote an "effective tie," and said he was looking forward to the democratic process a a whole.

"It was a pretty close vote and I was in the top two," Tong said. "I just want to congratulate everyone for taking part in this process. We're doing this party a great service by getting started on creating a clear picture so early and so transparently."

Ajack February 18, 2013 at 08:10 AM
Martin or Tong would make a fine mayor and I am a registered Republican and long time resident of Stamford.
Ajack February 18, 2013 at 08:18 AM
Sometimes you have to go with a party because they represent the people better in these times. I just don't think Jerry Pia would be able to do that good of a job. Granted he's worked for the City all his life. However, that does not entitle him to a position that requires business acumen of the highest order. What we also don't need is another career politician, community organizer type, like our President Obama. Pia appears to be a Republican . But he acts more like a Democrat. A DINO? I wish that Pavia would have reconsidered.


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