Stamford Board of Finance Moves Forward with Rogers School Road Work

The final vote of five votes to one pushed the estimated $400,000 project ahead in consideration of timeliness over costliness.








Bosak Jr.,



The voted Monday night to approve moving ahead with the $400,000 project to rework the entry points to the school in hopes of alleviating the traffic problems there.

The issues, covered here Monday morning, stem from the volume of parents and buses attempting to enter the school during peak drop-off or pick-up times.

The number of vehicles attempting to enter the only two-lane entry-and-exit point to the school turn it into a gridlocked nightmare all the way up Blachley Rd.—one officials are concerned with, should emergency response vehicles ever be needed during that time.

Five members voted to move the plan for alleviation forward, the only dissenter being Kathleen Murphy, who proposed to the board that there were no funds officially allocated to the project already and something should be cut or reworked prior to officially approving the work.

In the interest of timeliness, the board voted to move forward. The estimate length of time for the and Board of Finance to both go through the budget and agree on finding funds to cut from elsewhere was 60 days, which would push the time of completion for the work past the window of opportunity before school reopens next year.

Matt May 01, 2012 at 02:29 PM
More wasteful management. All the Dems are acting par for the course: spend spend spend. But I thought Bozak was a Republican, better change that to Bozo.
DJ McAneny May 01, 2012 at 06:41 PM
Hey Matt, just curious how, if at all, you'd address the situation other than spending for a new road? Do you have another plan to fix the issues there, or do you just not think they're serious enough to address? I thought this was a crazy story when I saw all those cars driving the wrong way down the street, so this is a sincere question as to what your approach would be. Either way, thanks for contributing to the Patch community!


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