Michael Molgano, Michael Pollard Face Off in 144th District Race

Republican Molgano will defend his seat against Democrat Michael Pollard.

Mike Molgano called his win "bittersweet" Tuesday night after coming away one of the few winners from Stamford's Republic camp.

"It's bittersweet. I wish I had more friends and collegues coming with me to Hartford," Malgano said. "For me, it's a happy moment to come away the winner, and I'm so thankful the people in the 144th District put their trust and faith in me. I'm going to work hard for the next two years for them."

Malgano said no election is ever certain.

"You can never take anything for granted," Molgano said. "I had an opponent who fought hard and I'm so thankful he came forward. He deserves praise because none of this process is easy and anyone who does it deserves a pat on the back because they're doing it for the people they care about. But it's bittersweet."

Though absentee ballots had not been counted yet during the Democrats Election Day party at Downtown Stamford's The Palms, Pollard conceded a hard-fought race to Malgano.

"You learn a lot as you go down the road in an election like this. The first lesson to be learned is to not have the same first name as your opponent," Pollard joked. "I'm sure that's what's causing this delay in results. On a more serious note... This was all about the people. My heart has such an appreciation for the citizens here."

Precinct 12: 457 Molgano, 556 Pollard

Precinct 13: 1042 Molgano, 966 Pollard

Precinct 14: 1380 Molgano, 1280 Pollard

Precinct 16: 879 Molgano, 675 Pollard

Precinct 18: 928 Molgano, 827 Pollard

All Districts In

Republican Michael Molgano, who has served at the State Representative for the 144th Assembly District since 2010, is a Stamford native, has served on the Stamford Board of Representatives between 2002 and 2011 and serves as the president of the Stamford Northrop Little League.

His opponent, Democrat Michael Pollard, is a 20-year Stamford resident and former chairman of the Board of Finance, according to the Stamford Advocate. He has held numerous positions at ARI of Connecticut, the Urban League of Fairfield County and the United Way of Stamford.

The Stamford Police Association endorsed Pollard last month. “Michael Pollard has shown a true commitment to public safety through his service on both the city and state levels,” said Sgt. Joseph Kennedy, president of the association.

Molgano was recently endorsed by The Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA). "We believe Mike Molgano is committed to making Connecticut a better state in which to do business, which means more and better jobs for our residents," said John R. Rathgeber, CBIA president and CEO.

Quick Facts

  • Molgano received his Associate’s Degree in Business Information Processing from Business Information Processing Education for the Disabled (BIPED)
  • Pollard received a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Tennessee State University
Everett Brown November 07, 2012 at 11:52 PM
Michael Pollard is as fine and upstanding young man you will ever find. He could and will continue to serve his community. Always did, and always will.


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