Mayor's Proposed Budget Plan Calls for 2.93 Percent Tax Increase

Mayor Michael Pavia presented his budget plan for the 2011-2011 fiscal year to the Board of Finance this week.

Mayor Michael Pavia presented his $470.6 million budget proposal for the 2011-2012 fiscal year to the Board of Finance this week that includes a tax increase of 2.93 percent.

The proposal allocates $229.6 million (48 percent) to fund education, $198.4 million (42 percent) to fund the city's operating departments, and $42.6 million to fund city and education debt service obligations.

Pavia's plan includes a 6.9 percent increase in expenses over last year for the Office of Administration primarily to support three new positions, a 0.5 percent increase in expenses for the to support two new positions and expand special needs recreation programs, and increased expenses for the Office of Public Safety, Health and Welfare to support the police and fire departments. 

Pavia is requesting a 4.8 percent, or $2.3 million, increase in police funding over last year, and a $6.5 percent, or 2.6 million, increase in funding for . Pavia, however, did not include any funding for new firefighters, citing that the is still reviewing his .

In regards to funds for education, the mayor stated that if the Board of Education were to cut their by $1.5 million, his proposed tax increase could be lowered to 2 percent, a target "that appears manageable and achievable and also is warranted in the current difficult economic environment."

The tax increase could also fall to 2.28 percent, Pavia stated in the proposal, if the Board of Representatives votes to amend the multi-year OPEB funding plan from a fiscal 2011-2012 planned 75 percent annual required contribution (ARC) to 55 percent.

and are being asked to maintain the same level of funding as last year. Pavia's proposal allocates $7 million and $1 million to the two organizations, respectively.

To view Mayor Pavia's complete budget proposal for the 2011-2012 fiscal year, click here.


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