Mayor's Minute: What's Next for Stamford?

Following his announcement that he will not seek re-election, Mayor Michael Pavia addresses Stamford about what's next.

Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia announced last week he would not seek reelection, but with that announcement comes the recognition that, despite all he has accomplished so far, there is still much to be done before exiting office.

In this week's edition of the recently resurrected Minute with the Mayor, Pavia took the time to address what he and his cabinet would like to accomplish before stepping away from Stamford's highest political position.

"I made a list of items important to me, as mayor," Pavia said. "And then I asked my cabinet to do the same in each of their positions. The items that I marked as high priority were the same items they each came up with as high priorities."

Pavia said examples include things like both he and Public Safety, Health and Wellness Director Ted Jankowski placing priority on finding resolution to the issues between paid and volunteer firefighters, or that he and Economic Development Director Laure Aubuchon addressing the "hole in the ground" on Tresser Blvd. before exiting.

"Making that decision no to run again, it is freeing," Pavia said. "It allows you to, instead of focusing on a campaign, focus on the things we need to get done before reaching the finish line. Every item marked as important to me or my administration will be something we are committed to getting done. The Cabinet and I are as enthusiastic about about the job before us as we were on the day we walked into this building."


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