In Pursuit of The Money

President Obama to make campaign fund-raising stops in Westport and Stamford, with some help from a Greenwich Democrat.


Greenwich Democratic Selectman Drew Marzullo is still holding onto the hope that either President Barack Obama or his wife Michelle will visit Greenwich before the November election.

But in the meantime, the two-term selectman is pleased that his efforts over the past four months has helped result in a presidential campaign fund-raising swing just over the town line in Stamford. Obama is scheduled to attend a private fund-raiser at the Westport home of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein on Aug. 6, followed by a stop in Stamford, Marzullo said.

It's expected that the Stamford visit with deep-pocketed Democratic supporters will be held at the Stamford Marriott where basic admission will cost $500. For a $10,000 donation, donors will receive a photo op with Obama, Marzullo said. (Admission to the Weinstein affair is for the deeper pocketed supporters with donations of $38,000.)

Marzullo, who is a member of the host committee for the Stamford event, said, "I've been involved for 4 to 5 months now trying to coordinate with the staff of the President and the First Lady for a visit into Greenwich."

He explained, "I've been working with the campaign staff and the First Lady's staff to have her visit the Armstrong Court garden given her passion for healthy eating and the book she wrote." Marzullo added, "I've been pitching it because Greenwich remains a cash haven for Democrats and the Republicans. This being Fairfield County they will be seeking out the Benjamin."

"Armstrong Court would be great because it would give the average person, the average worker a chance to see the leader of the free world, not just those with money," Marzullo said. For the past several summers, a group of volunteers have worked with children and residents of the public housing complex on Hamilton Avenue to cultivate a community garden. If either Obama were to visit Greenwich, the campaign stop at Armstrong Court would be paired with another fund-raiser.

Marzullo said that even if the schedules of the POTUS or the FLOTUS won't allow an additional trip to Greenwich before the November election, he is not disheartened. "I will do what I can to support the reelection of the President. Who do we want front and center leading in job creation and to lead the Supreme Court?

"I am happy and honored to do what I can do to help," Marzullo added.

Obama was last at the Stamford Marriott in 2010 when he attended a fund-raiser for Richard Blumenthal who handily beat fellow Greenwich resident Linda McMahon for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by a retiring Christopher Dodd.

While fellow Greenwich Democrat, Congressman Jim Himes, plans to attend the Aug. 6 affair in Stamford, it remains unclear whether Blumenthal or Stamford native and former mayor, Gov. Dannel Malloy will attend, according to a party insider.

Even if Greenwich isn't an attractive destination this election season for Obama, it has been for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who drew 500 supporters who paid $2,500 to attend a May fund-raiser at the  Riverside home of state Sen. L. Scott Frantz. Romney's wife Ann also attended an annual GOP gathering in May—held at the Stamford Marriott.

Jennifer Lapine July 26, 2012 at 01:09 AM
I have been working for two years to get the President and/or the first lady to Stamford to visit our early childhood centers for children in need of preschool education. We serve over 900 children and we are doing several health as well as quality education initiatives for day care and preschool children who are from working families and need daily preschool and childcare for their children. We have been in business for 110 years and have grown to be a leading agency in quality care and education for young children. Perhaps you and I could coordinate so they (or he and she) can see both programs and meet teachers, parents, and working families. Jennifer Lapine - 203-912-8564


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