Gun Control Advocates Protest Stamford Gun Show

Diverse group of protesters deem Saturday's gun show "too soon" after Newtown shooting massacre.


The flyer advertised free parking and children under 12 free. A $1.00-off coupon was available online. The gun show, The East Coast Fine Arms Show, opened as scheduled in Stamford on Jan. 5, while other other gun shows scheduled in the wake of the Newtown shootings have been cancelled.

The website of this weekend's gun show sponsor, NorthEastGunShows.com, which includes a link to membership to the NRA, indicates a show scheduled for Jan. 12-13th in Waterbury is cancelled.

The East Coast Fine Arms Show at the Stamford Plaza Conference Center was promoted by the Westchester Collectors of Connecticut and protesters showed up in force.

A theme that united protesters was the sentiment that the show should have been cancelled out of respect for the young shooting victims of Sandy Hook School in Newtown just three weeks ago.

The gun show protesters included men and women spanning a wide range of ages, including grade schoolers, self-described "grandmothers," and moms. The youngest protester, seven-year-old Abigail, paced the sidewalk with her handmade sign that read, "NRA Kills Our Kids."

Among the protesters were representatives of Occupy NRA, the Fairfield County contingent of A Million Moms For Gun Control and representatives from CT Against Gun Violence.

A Million Moms For Gun Control's Fairfield County organizer Kara Baekey said, "With less than 12 hours to organize, it was encouraging to see the crowd...We brought our sidewalk chalk to get our message out — 'Moms Demand Action, 1MM4GC.org — as well as hand-made signs. The honks of supporters in passing cars made it more worthwhile."

According to the A Million Moms For Gun Control website, the group has established nearly 75 local chapters across the United States since December 14th, and "is not against guns, but against the proliferation of military-type weapons that have been allowed into society with too little oversight."

Representatives from CT Against Gun Violence members passed out postcards detailing a Feb. 14th March For Change at the State Capital in Hartford, the two-month anniversary of the Newtown shootings.   

During the afternoon, some drivers slowed down to gesture with their middle finger. Others honked their horns in support of the protesters. The protesters disbanded around 4 p.m. The gun show ended at 5 p.m.

Dan Garrett January 06, 2013 at 01:05 PM
No fear of retribution, My name is Dan Garrett and I am from Hamden.
monique thomas January 06, 2013 at 05:44 PM
Insensitive timing perhaps but some perspective: United States Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said that traffic deaths in 2010 were the lowest they've ever been, falling three percent from 2009's record low. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration projections, traffic fatalities fell from 33,808 in 2009 to 32,708 in 2010. AND There are roughly 300 million guns in the hands of private citizens in the U.S. Per CDC and other sources cited by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, in 2010 there were 31,076 gun-related deaths (homicides, 11,078; suicides, 19,392; and unintentional shootings, 606) and 73,505 non-fatal gun injuries. Suppose each of these 135,600 fatalities and injuries involved a different gun, then just 0.045 percent of all the guns owned by Americans are involved in deliberate or accidental shootings. If you do the math, 99.95 percent of all the guns owned by Americans have never been used to shoot a human being – whether during the commission of a crime, in self-defense, to commit suicide or by accident.
Bren Jacobsen January 08, 2013 at 01:24 AM
Really 99.5%.. well, even so according to ur calculations. the remaining guns are reeking havoc on the 99%...esp. in the 12 school massacres that occurred in 2012 alone. One child's life lost by an assault rifle is one too many in my books. Just because 0.45 percent of all guns have not been used in the shooting of a human being does not condone current culture to have access to high powered weaponry, instilling a culture of fear and stockpiling of even more guns for self defense is not a free society. Look at facts. adam lanza looses his mind and grabs guns on hand ( granted his mom bears some respons. For her ineptitude). Mr lanza would.have killed and maimed students and staff but if he only had a shotgun or pistol he would not have gunned down the crowd in front of him in minutes. There is absolutely no reason for high capacity magazines. How on earth do traffic deaths relate to gun ownership? Guns=safe drivers.......must be
Dan Garrett January 10, 2013 at 08:04 PM
Bren, if you further post, please dumb it down a bit. Right wingers have much trouble understanding logic. The NRA does in fact kill our children with the legislation they push through congress.
monique thomas January 10, 2013 at 08:36 PM
One more gun law in the most gun regulated state in the country is not going to stop a sick person from committing such atrocities. Gun control's about people control. Conditioning and incrementalism is the danger. History has shown this over and over again. Hitler, Mao Tse Tung & Pol Pot were most successful wiping out over 100 million people. Why do you 'need an AR-15? Why do you 'need' a 30 round magazine? Well, look here for your answer: The British Army marched from Boston to Lexington and Concord to seize individual citizen's EXPLOSIVES, CANNON, and THE LATEST AND MOST INNOVATIVE MILITARY RIFLES OF THEIR DAY. This war material that were held in common for the purposes of those towns' militia but the citizen's who met the British shot them with their own weapons that they kept in their homes, leaving a trail of dead Redcoats all the way back to Boston. The colonists used their own weapons - the militia's were carried off to safety where they were later used to kill more British at Bunker Hill and Breed's Hiil overlooking Boston Harbor. There the colonists were outnumbered and low on ammunition. One of the colonial officers gave an order that would later become famous: "Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes." After an intense 2 1/2 hour firefight, More than a thousand British troops were wounded or killed by Colonial Marksmen, many of whom were armed with American rifled muskets with an accuracy twice that of the British smooth bore muskets.


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