Malloy Proposes Financial Boost for Charter, Tech Schools

Malloy's full education reform plan will be revealed on Wednesday, according to the Connecticut Post.

Gov. Dannel Malloy, who has been revealing parts of his over the past week, announced on Friday that he wants increase funding to the state's by $500,000, according to the Hartford Courant.

In addition to providing more state funds for supplies and resources to the 20 high schools, Malloy is also looking for private investors to contribute. “The Governor’s plan invites the investment of the private sector in our vocational technical schools — ensuring that we’re preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow and enabling stronger school-to-workplace connections,” State Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor said in a statement.

Malloy also wants the schools to be run by an independent board of 11 members, four of which will be executives of Connecticut employers nominated by regional chambers.

And according to the Connecticut Post, Malloy is also looking to provide charter schools with additional funding, some of which will come from local districts. While each charter school student currently receives $9,400 in funding each year, under Malloy's plan they will receive $12,000 — $1,000 of that increase would be paid by the districts in which the students lives.


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