Connecticut's Medical Marijuana Law Takes Effect Today

The new law follows one last year that decriminalized pot possession


Starting today, anyone who wants to use or sell marijuana for medicinal purposes can register with the state to do so.

The legalization of medicinal marijuana was approved by our state legislature this past May and the law, along with dozens of other new bills approved by the General Assembly in its spring session, goes into effect today. But it will likely be some time before mom and pop “pot” stores start popping up in your town. That’s because anyone who wants to sell or use marijuana for medical use must first get approval from the state and register with it.

The medical marijuana law came about a year after the state legislature agreed to decriminalize the recreational use of small amounts of marijuana. According to CT.com, Connecticut’s new marijuana law limits the use of pot for medical purposes to a specific list of conditions, including:

  • cancer 
  • glaucoma
  • AIDs
  • Parkinson's disease
  • multiple sclerosis

And while the website says it could take up to a year for the state to implement a system for approving marijuana distribution outlets, Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein told Ct.com that he expects the system to be in place much sooner.


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