Committee Nixes Transit Fare Hike, Increases Arts Funding

The General Assembly's Appropriations Committee removed Gov. Malloy's proposals to increase bus, train fares and to have arts and cultural institutions compete for state funding.

The General Assembly's Appropriations Committee reduced Gov. Malloy's budget proposal by $1 million on Thursday by eliminating a , but also increased the amount of funding various arts and culture institutions across the state would receive, according to the Connecticut Post.

Under the amended budget, Malloy's proposal to have the was nixed and the would receive an additional $20,000 in state funding, in Norwalk would receive $40,000 in additional funding and Bridgeport's Beardsley Zoo would receive an extra $20,000.

In addition, the committee doubled the 500 preschool slots for low-income students that Malloy included in his proposal. The committee bill was approved with a 34-15 vote.


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