Campaign Notebook: Murphy Attacks McMahon, Defends Self

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.


On Sunday, Democratic candidate Chris Murphy attacked Republican candidate Linda McMahon while defending himself against Democratic rival Susan Bysiewicz, who accused him of accepting more campaign donations from Wall Street than any other Democratic candidate, reports the Norwich Bulletin

Murphy explained that people in different industries in Connecticut have contributed to his campaign. "Not all of us are Linda McMahon. Not all of us can make money off selling violence and making fun of the vulnerable to kids," the candidate said. "Some of us have to raise money from people in lots of industries."

Fourth District

The Connecticut Post reports that fourth district candidates Representative Himes (D) and challenger Steve Obsitnik (R) are almost equal in wealth, according to their financial disclosure reports. Obsitnik's average net worth was $2.6 million and Himes' is $2.4 million. 


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