148th District: Daniel Fox, Philip Balestriere, Rolf Maurer

Democrat Fox will defending his seat against Republican Balestriere and Green Party Maurer.

"It's an exciting day," said Daniel Fox during the Democrat's Election Day party at The Palms in Downtown Stamford. I believe we all went through the process running a good campaign."

Fox said the majority of Democratic wins in Stamford spelled good news for the constituents.

"This is a good day for the city and the nation," he said. "The turnout was very strong and people continued coming out to vote down to the wire."

Precinct 2: 349 Balestriere, 1154 Fox

Precinct 3: 631 Balestriere, 1125 Fox (CORRECTED)

Precinct 4:  Balestriere,  Fox

Precinct 5: 509 Balestriere, 1430 Fox

Democrat Daniel J. Fox was elected to the Connecticut General Assembly in April 2011. He serves as a member of the Transportation Committee, Environment Committee and Regulation Review Committee.

His opponent, Republican Philip Balestriere, previously ran in the 148th District race against Carlo Leone in 2010, but was unsuccessfual. He is the owner Clambake Connection in Stamford.

Balestriere told the Stamford Advocate in July that he wanted to run because he's disenchanted by the "one party ruling" in Hartford.  

On the contrary, Fox told the Advocate that he hasn't changed his opinon on the death penalty in Connecticut, which Gov. Malloy repealed, even after going to Hartford. "For the most heinous crimes committed I think the death penalty was a tool that the government should have the opportunity to use," he said.

Green Party candidate Rolf Maurer spent eight years working in trade and directory publishing, and, as former co-chair of the Unitarian Universalist Society in Stamford's Civil Liberties Action Committee, organized a series of lectures and panel discussions on the PATRIOT Act and related topics. According to his Facebook page, Maurer has relied completely on mass and minor transit since 1999.

Rolf was the Green Party candidate for mayor in 2009, State Representative in 2010 and 2011, and State Senate in 2011.


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