Wilton Teen Throws Food at School Security Officer in OMG PD

Unusual arrests and investigations from around Stamford.

A 19-year-old Wilton man who was eating in the high school cafeteria with his girlfriend was asked to leave by a security officer because he wasn't a student at the school. The man then threw food at the security officer, who called the police. The teen was charged with loitering and breach of peace.

A Fairfield man was hit with an assault charge after he allegedly headbutted a relative.


Someone reportedly that was to be auctioned off as part of a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.

The owner of the now-defunct Stash House Boutique (which buys and sells high-priced collectible sneakers), with stores in Trumbull, Milford and Waterbury, was charged with larceny by Trumbull Police for allegedly underpaying or failing to pay people for shoes, in addition to failing to deliver shoes customers ordered.

Two people were arrested after they allegedly had empty purses then left Lord & Taylor dressing rooms with purses full of merchandise. And an alleged burglar was arrested while hiding in the home of a Trumbull relative.

A Fairfield health salon allegedly has been specializing in sexual services for the past several years, until Wednesday when police arrested three female employees on prostitution charges.

Monroe police arrested a young woman for evading the scene of an accident after she allegedly lost control of her car while talking on her cell phone and went off the road, striking a mailbox and three wooden posts. Police said an officer later found the banged up car in a parking lot with both airbags deployed and the driver sitting in the front seat ... talking on her cell phone.

Stamford Police this week charged a Vine Rd. resident with illegal bomb manufacturing. The case began at the end of January when a home inspection by the health department led authorities to a basement lair that allegedly contained bombs in various stages of completion, a high-tech surveillance system, a number of weapons, anti-police and hate propaganda and a tunnel-in-progress.

A Wilton teen was charged with forgery after he was allegedly drunk or under the influence of drugs in class and upon investigation, was found to be in possession of a fake ID.

A Wilton mother was charged with risk of injury to a minor after allegedly leaving her three-year-old daughter home alone while she ran errands.


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