Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Because the Storm Blew it There.

A chicken gets some traveling done in unpleasant weather, pets don't like getting locked in hot cars, and there are more than 20 new kittens up for adoption.

Officers have a chicken on their hands, though it's not the one they necessarily want. While a rooster , Animal Control picked up a chicken on Guinea Road.

Animal Control Director Laurie Hollywood said the chicken apparently blew into a yard during the storms in the last week and took to living in a bush in the yard and began laying eggs every day.

The homeowners called officers to come retrieve the chicken, who Animal Control has taken to calling Priscilla. If the owner can not be found, Hollywood said they were playing with the idea of using Priscilla as bait for the elusive Ursula Place rooster.

"She's a very nice chicken," Hollywood said. "She's a sweetheart. She's really cute, very friendly. We may be able to use her in a trap of some sort."


Hollywood warned, with the weather ready to heat back up this week, owners should not be leaving their pets in the car while they're out running errands.

Even with the windows down, a car can turn into a deadly trap for your pets.

Hollywood said they'll break a window to save an animal, and negligent owners could face real jail time.

"If we consider the pet's health to be compromised, we'll take the animal and bring it to the hospital," she said. "If the examination from a vet shows it was in fact compromised, you won't just be ticketed, you'll be arrested for cruelty to animals."


Stamford Animal Care & Control was working with Pitter Patter Feline Rescue this week to trap and fix a large colony of cats on Brookdale Drive.

They will face an influx of approximately 20 kittens, so anyone interested in adopting is urged to call Cora & Amy at 203.968.1450.

Hollywood said the organization is a not-for-profit that pays out of pocket to fix each cat, so donations are always welcome.



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