[UPDATE] Police Release Name of Bus Driver Questioned in Accident

Social media sites started blowing up Friday afternoon that students had been hit by a bus at Westhill High School

UPDATE 7:40 p.m.

In a statement release via email, police confirm the identity of the bus driver being questioned in the crash as that of Christopher Leckey, 32, of Stamford.

UPDATE 4:25 p.m.

Public Relations Officer Sarah Arnold commented on the conditions of the two boys, confirmed as 9th and 10th grade students from the school:

"[Superintendent Dr. Winifred Hamilton] joined administrators at the hospital to check on the students. The two boys reportedly have a range of injuries, but are alert and with their families," she said. "One student is a 10th grader and the other is a 9th grader."

UPDATE 4:00 p.m.

Sgt. Andrew Gallagher of the Stamford Police Department confirmed a 15-year-old student and 16-year-old student from Westhill High School were struck by a First Student bus on Friday just as school let out.

The 15-year-old was admitted with what are being called non-life threatening injuries. The 16-year-old sustained more serious injuries and is still being examined at the hospital, he said.

The bus driver struck a silver SUV towed away from the scene, two students, a tree stump, light pole and drove over a concrete curb and island at the school.

He said the driver game multiple conflicting reasons for why the incident occurred. While not under arrest at this time, Gallagher said, an investigation will continue into the event, including a mechanical inspection based on some of the operator's statements.

The police will also be looking into the possibility that the driver may have been texting at the time the accident occurred, he said. The school bus had a video camera running on the bus at the time of the incident, and police will look to obtain that footage, he said. 

"There were tons of pedestrians, parents coming to pick up their kids from school," Gallagher said. "It could've been a lot worse."

UPDATE: 3:35 p.m.

A witness on scene being questioned by authorities confirmed the bus driver being taken away in handcuffs before being discouraged to comment further without the scene commander giving the all-clear.

First Student, the company the driver was from, has not returned calls seeking comment. A van full of First Student employees on scene declined to give comment in person, instead giving out a media relations phone number.


Social media site Twitter released a flood of tweets Friday afternoon that two students had been struck by a bus.

Sarah Arnold, Public Affairs official for the district, released the following information about the incident. 

"Shortly before dismissal, a school bus hit a car and then struck two students at Westhill," she said. "The students were sitting on rock wall near entrance to school."

"The students, two boys, were taken to hospital in ambulances. I'm told they were responsive. We have school administration at the hospital right now.

She also explained students were rerouted to a rear exit so students could be dismissed on time while police attended to the two kids struck by the bus and conduct an investigation into what happened.


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