Two Men Arrested on Gun, Drug Charges at Friendship House

The arrests make three weapons charges in two weeks by the Stamford Police Department Narcotics and Organized Crime Unit.

Two men were arrested by the Stamford Police Department Narcotics & Organized Crime Unit Wednesday morning when officers received information that, "weapons were being moved around there," police said Wednesday afternoon.

Narcotics & Organized Crime Unit officers were running intel along a path through a wooded area near Fairfield Avenue towards the Friendship House at 28 Perry Street when the two men came upon the officers.

Captain Richard Conklin said Jonathan Gomez, 22, of Anderson Street, allegedly dropped a bag of a substance later identified as marijuana upon discovery of the officers' presence.

Donovan Carter, 18, of Pequot Drive, allegedly threw a backpack and then attempted to run from police. Conklin said he was chased down and arrested as well, and the backpack was recovered to reveal a loaded, 32-caliber handgun.

Both men are previously-convicted felons.

"These arrests make three weapons arrests in two weeks by the Narcotics & Organized Crime Unit," said Conklin. "These are not happenstance arrests. These arrests are based on intel, formulation of a plan and good execution."

The previous arrest was this past Saturday, when a man was arrested allegedly trying to near a tree.

Perry Street was the scene of in which a man was struck in the leg. It was the that had already claimed the lives of and earlier in the week. 

Officers have been working round the clock to stifled the violence that's been bleeding over into the streets recently, and made a big break in Bel-Jean's case this week when they they believe was connected to where the shooting ended his life took place, on Spruce Street.

When asked if he thought the men getting arrested with guns had malicious intent or self-preservation in mind, Conklin said he couldn't comment on speculation, only fact.

"Criminals tend to keep their weapons secreted away, but they're carrying them around much more often now," Conklin said. "It certainly speaks to the anxiety on the streets about all this recent violence, but the fact is these men all have previous felony convictions and should not be in possession of weapons."

Both were held on $50,000 bonds and due in court August 1, 2012.

Gomez faces charges of possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, criminal possession of a firearm and conspiracy of criminal intent to possess a firearm.

Carter faces identical charges with an additional charge of interfering with police/resisting for his attempt to run from authorities.


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