Stamford Animal Control to Keep Closer Eye on Dogs at Mianus Park

Stories highlighting animal hi-jinx and heroics around Stamford, from the Stamford Animal Care & Control Office.

Two baby nut hatches (see video) were rescued from the intersection of North St. and Washington Blvd. during the past week after both appeared to have fallen from a high nest somewhere in the area while attempting to fly. 

They were take to licensed wildlife rehabilitation expert Meredith Sampson at Wild wings, Inc.


A snapper turtle trying to get a pick-up tennis game started was escorted off the private residential court.

The turtle had made its way onto the courts through a hole in the fence and didn't want to leave.


If you walk your dog at popular dog-walking spot Mianus River Park, the Stamford Animal Control Office warns you might get a ticket if you're not following all the posted rules.

"We will be out there ticketing, no exceptions," said Officer Tilford Cobb. "We get so many complaints of dogs off leashes, of joggers and bikers being chased or bitten, homeowners in the area saying droppings are being left behind."

"Some dog owners like to think of it as 'Their park,'" said Director Laurie Hollywood. "It's not."

If officers find a dog off-leash, without proper tags, tickets can reach upwards of $300 for one incident.


A warning, if you ever find a bat in your home, like homeowners on Glenbrook Rd. and Jeffrey Rd. did this past week. 

"We need to catch the bat, euthanize it and test it for rabies," Hollywood said."A bat can bite you without you feeling it. Don't release it if it's found in your living quarters. Check yourself over well and get in touch with your doctor to get updated rabies shots."


With the weather getting warmer, the Animal Control Office warns about leaving animals in cars for extended periods of time.

"You'll be arrested for animal cruelty," Hollywood said. "Even with the windows open, your animal can overheat."


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