Suspicious Package Brings Bomb Squad to Police Headquarters [UPDATED]

Stamford police are investigating the package to determine if the contents present a hazard.

Update, 1:30 p.m. on June 27:

Stamford police have determined that the contents of what was reported as a suspicious package were, in fact, harmless. Bomb squad members have just cleared the scene and officers are returning to their normal duties.

A plastic bag next to the briefcase was determined to contain a loaf of bread, an apple and a book. The contents of the briefcase itself were determined to be "not life treatening, let's just say that," according to Capt. Tom Wuennemann.

The original report follows:

A suspicious package left at has resulted in a partial evacuation of the building.

Bomb squad units are on scene at the 805 Bedford Street location investigating the package, described as a briefcase-type item.

Stamford Patch is on scene and will continue to bring you updates as information becomes available. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know.

Sushi June 27, 2012 at 05:46 PM
At least it was something edible! I thought maybe it might be something very vulgar. wonder what was in the brief case? from the comment stated here of the cap't wuennemann, it sounds like something weird or strange was inside. oh well, we'll never know I guess. another false alarm. all in a day's work on the police force i s'pose!


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