Stamford Police Processing Van Related to Spruce St. Shooting

Police are currently processing a white step van they believe is connected to an incident relating to a string of violence in the city.

Authorities confirmed Tuesday afternoon they had recovered a at the end of last week and are currently processing it.

"We're releasing that we've recovered the truck that we believe is connected to the shooting that took place here [in Stamford] on Spruce Street," said Sgt. Paul Guzda. "We believe it's the truck used in an incident we're working to connect to the ."

The Connecticut State Police Major Crimes Squad was currently assisting the department with processing of the truck and any evidence it might contain.

"We're holding this one pretty close to the chest," Guzda said. "We've let a lot of information out, maybe more than we should have up to this point. We don't want to dilute the information pool any more at this point. We aren't even getting into where we found it or anything."

Police believe the truck is connected to a that occurred over the last couple weeks in Stamford. Bel-Jean's close friend only days early during a party on Custer Street and the night after Bel-Jean's death, a .

Authorities are still working to discover in what way the Perry Street shooting may be connected to the other incidents, but investigators are currently working under the understanding that there are two separate disputed between area groups taking place.


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