Stamford Pair Charged in Copper Theft from Gov.-Owned Building

The pair allegedly stole copper piping from a building owned by the municipality being prepared for demolition.


A man and a woman were arrested and charged in a case involving the theft of copper wire from an E. Main St. building under the ownership of the City of Stamford, police said Wednesday.

Police identified Gregory Lighthorne, 55, and Brenda Joyce Peeler, 43, both of the same Durant St. address, as the parties arrested Tuesday morning following an incident in which they were allegedly involved.

According to authorities, Lighthorne and Peeler allegedly broke into a former business building in the 900 block of E. Main St. owned by the City of Stamford that was being prepared for demolition. They stand accused of stealing an unknown amount of copper wiring and piping from the building. 

Police said a sign was clearly posted displaying the announcement of the upcoming demolition.

Police said the couple was witnessed exiting the building carrying a dufflebag with copper piping sticking out of it. A passerby called in the act and gave authorities the license plate for the vehicle the pair allegedly entered.

Police said they traced the plate to the pairs home and were waiting for them as they returned. They allegedly admitted to selling the piping to someone on the street and taken a trip to McDonald's following the sale, according to police.

Authorities said they had no tools in their possession, but were covered in sheet rock and plaster dust.

Both Lightborne and Peeler were charged with second-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit second-degree larceny. Each had a bond set at $1,000.


Stamford Arrests

Brian Dominguez, 29, of Green St., charged Tuesday evening with violation of probation.

James E. Malerba, 35, of Summer St., charged early Wednesday with evading responsibility while causing property damage or injury and following too closely to a non-commercial vehicle.

Donna M. Puma, 44, of Prospect St., charged early Wednesday with disorderly conduct and third-degree assault.

Christopher B. Simone, 19, of Hoover Ave., charged early Wednesday with disorderly conduct and third-degree assault.

Bruce Silvernail January 03, 2013 at 11:54 PM
Who cares! They were DESTROYING it! You CANT 'steal' garbage.. They can only convict them MAYBE on trespassing


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