Stamford Man Slashed on Neck with Bottle by Unknown Assailant

An unknown person snuck up behind the victim while he was walking with headphones on and caused an injury that resulted in 25 stitches.

A Stamford man walking in the vicinity Myano Ave. Thursday at approximately 5:40 a.m. was struck in the leftside of his neck with a bottle by an unknown assailant, police reported Friday.

Police said the victim never saw the assailant due to the suspect sneaking up behind him as he had been walking down the street wearing headphones. The victim reportedly received two lacerations and, when he regained composure after the attack and processed what had happened, began walking to the hospital.

A friend of the victim spotted the man as he was walking and stopped to pick him up and drive him to the hospital. The man received 25 stitches to close the wounds. He was treated and released Thursday.

Authorities have few facts to go on in the attack and urge anyone who might have information relating to the case to call 203.977.4444.


Stamford Arrests

Llyod Barham, 29, of Diaz St., was charged Thursday morning with first-degree failure to appear.

Lisa Hunter, 31, of Hughes Ave. in Bridgeport, was charged Thursday evening with three counts of failure to keep narcotics in an organized container, four counts of attempt to commit the crime of possession of a controlled substance, six counts possession of a controlled substance and seven counts of second-degree forgery.

Wilfredo Matias, 37, of Vine St. in Bridgeport, was charged Thursday afternoon with third-degree larceny (embezzlement.)

Frank Lee Moore, 61, of Coolidge Ave., was charged Thursday night with first-degree failure to appear.

Yolanda Rosario, 34, of Glenbrook Rd., was charged Thursday evening with sixth-degree larceny (shoplifting.)

Dijonna Wilson, 20, of Chestnut St., was charged Thursday afternoon with violation of protective order.

Reverend Barbara Sexton August 28, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Slashing someone on the neck with a bottle is a truly vicious crime -- and all over a blocked driveway? Where is the 'outrage'? Where are 'people of good faith'? Where are the 'witnesses' to help law enforcement deal with this? Oh, that's right...It's Stamford, CT. Vicious crimes are perpetuated and people shut up. Apathy rules. Lord help us, Rev. Barb


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