Stamford Man Scares Off Home Invaders, Protects Sleeping Child

The man armed himself and took a defensive position near his sleeping child, but the attempted burglars almost immediately fled the home.

Stamford Police shared Wednesday the harrowing tale of a man napping with his sleeping child when a group of intruders kicked in his front door.

According to Sgt. Andrew Gallagher, a father, 61, was sleeping next to his child in their East Ridge Rd. home Tuesday evening when he was awoken by a loud noise that turned out to be a group that had just kicked in his front door.

Gallagher said the homeowner, still groggy, thought maybe it was his wife returning home and exited the bedroom where he'd been sleeping, only to find an unknown male halfway up the stairs. The homeowner retreated into the bedroom while the suspect yelled to at least one but possibly two other suspects to flee.

The man on the stairwell fled out the front door while another party fled out the rear of the home, Gallagher said. The man had retreated into his bedroom, locked the door and retrieved a gun, where he took up a position guarding the door.

911 was contacted at approximately 8:59 p.m., Gallagher said, and police and K-9 units responded immediately. The homeowner informed authorities he was armed and guarding the door. After the home was cleared, police allowed the man to exit.

A search of the immediate area for the suspects proved fruitless.

Gallagher said the area where the incident occurred was "north of the Parkway," at a dark house in a quiet neighborhood. Gallagher said this appeared to be an attempted crime of opportunity.


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