Stamford Man Found Dead in Car After Snow Clogs Exhaust

A 47-year-old Stamford man who had been missing for nearly two days was discovered by his family deceased in his vehicle after what authorities are saying looks to be an unfortunate, tragic accident.

According to Capt. Richard Conklin, Darnell Grant, of 101 Grove Street, was found with his car backed up into a snow drift, which caused carbon monoxide to fill the vehicle. Grant apparently fell asleep there and passed away from poisoning. He was discovered Sunday at approximately 2 p.m. in his tan Toyota.

Conklin said the incident looks to be an accident, but that Grant had been missing for roughly a day-and-a-half by the time his family thought to check the Highland Avenue lot in which he was discovered, where family said he would occasionally park his vehicle due to the parking situation at his apartment complex where he lived.

Conklin said, while infrequent, the scenario is not unheard of and warned Stamford residents to take precautions when parking and sitting in idling vehicles with an abundance of snow on the ground, which can create hazardous situations near vehicle exhaust systems.


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