Stamford Man Discouraged From Bribing Bobcat to Porch with Steak

A bobcat is spotted on Dagmar Rd., an Alaskan Malamute plays the role of big bag wolf and a perfectly wonderful Princess needs a home, even if it's temporary.

A bobcat was spotted in the 100 block of Dagmar Road Friday morning, according to Director Laurie Hollywood. 

"The caller said he was on his back porch, coaxing the cat with 'Here, kitty, kitty,'" Hollywood said. "Then he said he was going to put a steak out so he could get some good pictures. We discouraged that particular activity and suggested he leave the cat alone."

The sighting occurred in the area of both and .


An Alaskan Malamute entered a home through the doggie-door on Quaker Ridge Road. The only problem was, the dog didn't live at this particular home.

The owner was watching TV when she spotted the dog in her home—and thought it was a wolf or coyote that was stalking her and trying to kill her, Officer Tilford Cobb said.

He said when she ran to another room, the friendly dog gave chase probably because he thought she was playing. The woman apparently feared for her life and called police.

Authorities were able to locate in the neighborhood the owner of the dog, described as very personable but intimidating in size at more than 100 pounds, Cobb said.


A woodchuck was stuck in the string lighting of a North Stamford home when animal control was called, Hollywood said.

Cobb, who responded to the call, said as he pulled up, the woodchuck was so frightened, he wriggled himself out through the bars and off the porch, plopping down on the ground below and fleeing the scene.


Stamford Animal Care & Control is currently looking after Princess, pictured, who was found wandering and diagnosed with mammary cancer.

She just had three tumors removed and is scheduled to have her mammary glands removed and finally get spayed at approximately 10 years old.

Hollywood said the kennel environment is stressing Princess out and they are uncertain if they will be able to perform the surgery without a willing foster home in which she can recuperate.

Those who would be willing to foster the healing Princess should contact Stamford Animal Care & Control at 203-977-4437.


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