Stamford Man Charged with Running Chop Shop

The 22-year-old allegedly had parts of stolen cars from Stamford and New Jersey in his garage.

A 22-year-old Stamford man was arrested Tuesday afternoon on charges that he was allegedly running a chop shop out of his St. George Street garage, police announced Wednesday.

Authorities arrested Kadeem Sadio in connection to an incident that began at the end of December 2011 when officers found a stolen car, partially stripped of parts, parked in the dead end section of W. North Street, which butts up against the E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Course, according to Sgt. Peter diSpagna. 

On December 30th, a 1997 Honda Civic was recovered from that street with various parts stripped off of it, diSpagna said, and then four days later, on January 3, a 2000 Honda Civic was recovered which had been reported stolen the day prior. 

Due to suspicions that the two cars found in the same place meant a chop shop was operating somewhere nearby, police began a "prolonged investigation," diSpagna said.

According to police, a garage belonging to a resident of a house at 199 W. Broad Street was allegedly found to be the landing spot for the stripped parts, and police obtained a search warrant for the properties and arrest warrant for Sadio.

During surveillence, parts were allegedly observed being stored at the garage from both stolen vehicles found in Stamford, as well as parts from two stolen cars out of New Jersey, said diSpagna.

The investigation is ongoing. Sadio was charged with three counts of larceny, one each in the 3rd, 5th and 6th degrees, one count of an illegal operation of a chop shop and two counts of possession of a motor vehicle or parts with changed ID numbers.

Rashe Koedi Sadio, 19, of the 199 W. Broad St., was charged Tuesday afternoon with interfering with a search.


Other Arrests

Gina C. Clemente, 29, of Coolidge Ave., was charged early Tuesday morning with evading responsibility.

Antonio Richard Daniels, 21, of Givens Ave., was cahrged Tuesday night with second-degree failure to appear.

Jorge Diaz, 36, of Marble Ave. in Pleasantville, NY, was charged Tuesday night with one count risk of injury to a child.

Reginald Edouard, 19, of Shippan Ave., was charged Tuesday morning with one count 6th-degree larceny and two counts each of credit card theft by transfer, less than $500 revoked on a credit card, 3rd-degree identity theft, receipt from illegal use of a credit card and conspiracy to commit the crime of theft of a credit card.

Andrew Vicnent Frank, 20, of Highview Ave., was charged Tuesday night with possession of narcotics and disorderly conduct.

Michael Justine Hemingway, 29, of Kellogg St. in Norwalk, was charged Tuesday afternoon with violation of protective order and criminal mischief.

Joshua Steven Jones, 21, of Davis Ave. in Greenwich, was charged Tuesday night with second-degree failure to appear.

Justin Felix Medina, 20, of Fowler St., was charged Tuesday evening with possession of a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance within 1500 feet of a school or government building and two counts of interfering with an officer/resisting.

Mykeel Mitchell, 20, of Fowler St., was charged Tuesday afternoon with interfering with an officer/resisting.

Ian Roth, 42, of Clay Hill Rd., was charged early Tuesday morning with disorderly conduct and interfering with an emergency call.

Stacey Roth, 46, of Clay hill Rd., was charged early Tuesday morning with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct.


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