Cops: Stamford Man, 78, Punches Girlfriend During Intimate Advances

The pair had an argument earlier in the evening.

A 78-year-old Stamford man was charged with assault Thursday following an overnight incident in which his girlfriend attempted to initiate an intimate liason and was struck in the face for her efforts, Stamford police announced Friday.

According to police, the pair had engaged in a verbal argument earlier in the evening Wednesday over the level of care being provided to the 64-year-old victim by the suspect, identified as Michael Munk, 78, of Gun Club Rd.

Somtime during the evening as the couple laid in bed, police said the victim attempted to initiate an romantic coupling and, in her advances, allegedly caused some type of injury to the suspect's more sensitive bodily area.

The suspect allegedly struck the victim in her nose in what police described as a reactionary event to get the victim off of him. The pair then went back to sleep, police said.

The victim reportedly called Greenwich Hospital for transportation Thursday morning for injuries to her shoulder and back.

Police charged Munk Thursday evening with third-degree assault causing physical injury.


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