Stamford Animal Control Recovers Kitten, Umbilical Cord Still Attached

A very young kitten is recovered, a rowdy raccoon gets caught in a cage and the third skunk in recent weeks tests positive for rabies.

Stamford Animal Care and Control Director Laurie Hollywood described one of their newest additions as on of the "newest" additions after a kitten was recovered form a homeowner's deck on Henry Avenue—umbilical cord still attached.

The kitten was brought to the shelter and paired up with a nursing cat, who accepted the kitten and became its surrogate mother.

The kitten should be available for adoption in the near future.


A raccoon caught in a wire cage—part of what shelter officials believed to be an amateur trapping operation—managed to begin rolling the cage toward the street.

A Good Samaritan placed several rocks along the side of the cage to stop it from rolling into Rockrimmon Road, Hollywood said.

The raccoon was distressed and angry at its predicament, a good sign that it was probably healthy, Hollywood said.

"Trapping should be left to licensed, professional wildlife removal companies," Hollywood said.


A skunk involved in an altercation with a dog on Fifth Street in Downtown Stamford tested positive for rabies, Hollywood reported.

It makes the third skunk that has tested positive for the disease in recent weeks, she said.

The dog was, luckily, current on all its vaccinations. It received a booster shot and will only need to be quarantined for 45 days.


Hollywood warned people walking along Penzance Road that a territorial cat has been attacking other animals and even people there recently.

The attacking cat was described as a short-haired white cat with black spots.

The cat remains at large.

Cora Martino September 10, 2012 at 11:33 AM
You go guys. I'm glad the mother took the bany under her wing. Cora


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