Shih Tzu Stuck Under Stamford Porch Tops Animal Reports

A small, scared Shih Tzu hides out under a porch, a Pitbull attacks another dog and Stamford Animal Care & Control Officers continue a ticketing blitz at Mianus River Park.

Early Friday morning, June 15, 2012, officers responded to a call for a strange dog at a residence on Pinnacle Rd.

The dog, a small Shih Tzu, had hidden under a low porch at the residence and neither the home owner nor the animal control officers could reach the dog.

Animal control officers left the scene in the hands of a carpenter, who'd been contacted to take boards off of the deck to aid in reaching the scared Shih Tzu and would contact officers again at that time.


A dog at a residence on Chestnut St. allegedly attacked another dog in the area.

The Chestnut St. dog, a Pitbull, attacked a Maltese on Anderson St. on the night of Wednesday, June 13. The dog at the residence had previously attacked a Spanish woman at an earlier date.

Authorities said they issued the owner tickets for the dog roaming and being a nuisance. Animal control did not have available reports on any injuries to the smaller dog.


Stamford Animal Control Officers conducted their second weekend of a ticketing blitz over the 16th and 17th at . 

The animal control office said they were continually receiving complaints about dogs being off leash and causing messes in the area that owners were not cleaning up.

They only issued two tickets the first weekend of their campaign, but would be out there to continue ticketing those who did not follow proper protocol for walking their dogs.


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