Rocks Thrown at Car, Strip Club Bill Skipping Top Stamford Blotter

A woman had rocks dropped on top of her vehicle and a man took clients to a strip club on the club's dime in today's Stamford Police Blotter.

A woman reporting vandalism to her brand new 2012 Chevy Cruze at around 2:30 p.m. Sunday did a bit of her own investigative police work before officers arrived.

The woman reportedly discovered the car, which she had left parked on the street near the , covered in dents to the trunk, roof and other areas of the body, surrounded by rocks, police said. 

She took a look up, saw something that caught her interest and took a walk into the apartment building and rode the elevator up several stories, authorities said. 

It was here that she knocked on a door and introduced herself and exxplained the situation, according to police, who also said that during this period—and throughout the ordeal—all parties remained friendly and civil.

On the balcony of this apartment, a 3-year-old child who was visiting the apartment complex was found pulling rocks out of potted plants and tossing them over the ledge because he "thought it was hilarious," police said.

Authorities said the child's mother pledged to assume full responsibility for damages to the vehicle.

There was no court date for the 3-year-old.


More details in the story of a man who appeared in Other Arrests: Tuesday, May 9, 2012.

Eddy Morales, 39, of the first block of Liloy St. in Whethersfield, was charged with 3 counts of failure to appear in the first degree, six counts of the same charge in the second degree and one count of larceny.

Morales story began early Tuesday morning around 1 a.m. at a gentleman's club where he was hosting some "business associates," police said. Morales had brought them to the club in a limo, according to authorities.

After racking up charges in the hundreds of dollars over several hours, Morales attempted to pay with credit cards that were declined, the manager told authorities.

The manager told police Morales said the limo driver had his money and would be paying the bill, at which point the limo driver said "Oh [expletive deleted], I'm not getting paid for this ride, am I?" and dumped Morales personal effects in front of the club and left, police said.

Several members of Morales party had left the scene prior to the arrival of authorities, they said, leaving him with the bill. The manager allegedly attempted to give Morales several options for covering the bill before calling the police, they said.

While police were present, Morales became belligerent and declared his family was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, police said. There was a brief struggle, and Morales was placed in handcuffs, police said.

During processing, authorities said they were informed by Morales that his net worth was around half-a-billion dollars and they would be receiving a call from the White House as he also had diplomatic immunity in the United States.

During processing, it was discovered Morales had 9 outstanding warrants with the Connecticut State Police, Bristol, Rocky Hill and Newington police, authorities said.

Police detained Morales on a $250,000 bond. A court date was unavailable, but authorities said as of noon Wednesday, they had not received a call from the White House.


Other Arrests:

Flor Maria Olivares, 25, of Selleck St. and Robert L. Summons, 43, of Sniffin St. in Norwalk, were charged with Larceny.

Dawn Frazier, 25, of Woodland Pl., was charged with assault, criminal mischief, threatening and disorderly conduct for getting into a physical altercation with an employee at Frazier's shelter, police said. The fight started over whether Frazier could get access to her medication early, according to police. She attacked the worker and broke a window during the incident, police said.

Julien Marc Gaston Trubman, 26, of Bronxwood Ave. in the Bronx, was officially charged in connection to an incident that left a police officer in need of surgery to repair tendons in his arm. Officer Joseph Gonzales needs to undergo surgery to repair catastrophic damage he suffered during an altercation with Trubman, police alleged Wednesday. This incident was . Trubman, who was picked up for being highly intoxicated and wandering around in traffic according to police, has been charged with breach of peace, assault and interfering with an officer.


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