Protective Pooch Defends Little Girl from Rascally Raccoon

One Mini Pinscher protects a small girl, another allegedly bites a woman at a farmers market and a dog attack reportedly leaves one small pet dead.

A Miniature Pinscher pinned a raccoon behind a shed when it wandered into a yard where a small girl was playing on Alpine Road, according to Stamford Animal Care & Control Officer Tilford Cobb.

The animals did not come into contact with each other, but the "MinPin" contained the raccoon to behind a shed, barking at it to keep it secured, while the little girl ran inside and informed her grandmother of what was happening.

Upon arrival of Animal Control, Cobb said he was able to shoo the raccoon in a direction away from the dog, at which point the raccoon ran off.


A dog attack was reported on Wascussee Lane that left one small dog dead last week, according to Cobb.

The department is working with the victim, whose Maltese dog was killed in the attack by a larger, leashed dog in the reported attack. Cobb said the victim reported the two dogs being allowed to sniff each other and the larger dog turning suddenly violent.

Cobb said neither the male owner of the alleged attacking dog or the dog itself have been located after authorities found leads pointing to an abandoned-looking house on Soundview Ave. being the residence of the suspect to be fruitless.

No further descriptions of the attacking dog or the owner were being made public for the time being.


A dog bite was reported at the farmers market show on Prospect and Forest streets in Downtown Stamford last week.

A woman reported a Miniature Pinscher grabbing her on the back of the leg while she walked around the event, though no additional details were available.

Cobb reported the bite to be sizable.


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