Condom Caper Becomes Chewing Gum Theft?

Did a young male switch from stealing condoms to stealing gum? Was a Norwalk man so blitzed he couldn't get safely on the roadway from a parking lot? Did a Guilford woman steal almost $1,000 from a department store?

A Fairfield Cumberland Farms employee told police a young male reportedly attempted to steal condoms, but after the employee said she'd call police, the suspect returned the condoms and may have made off with gum instead. Once out the door, the suspect sped off on a green motor scooter.


A Norwalk man was arrested in Wilton on DWI and possession charges after he failed to navigate his way out of a parking lot onto the road, and instead crossed the lanes to end up in the woods across the street, police said.


Trumbull police said a Guilford woman shoplifted gloves, scarves and wallets, totaling $935, from Lord & Taylor in the Westfield Trumbull Mall.


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