Police: Stamford Man in Motorcycle Accident Found Carrying gun

According to Stamford police, a man carrying a gun while on probation was involved in a motor vehicle accident.

A Stamford man involved in a motorcycle accident Monday afternoon now faces weapons charges after officers discovered a weapon on his person, police announce Tuesday morning.

Baciany Rono, 25, of Cove Rd., was allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed through the intersection of Jefferson St. at Meadow St. when the motorcycle he was riding was struck by a pickup truck, according to police.

When medics arrived on scene to treat Rono and began searching for ID on his person, Rono was discoverted to be in possession of a loaded 9mm handgun and an additional loaded magazine, police said. 

Authorities said Rono did not have a gun permit and was currently on probation for assault with a firearm.

Rono was admitted to hospital for observation, police said, and upon release he will be held on a $100,000 bond.


Officers responding to a domestic disturbance Monday night arrested a 30-year-old Westwood Dr. man after a 6-year-old fingered him in an assault, police 

Dwayne Garfield Plummer was charged with assault and risk of injury to a child, according to authorities. He alleges his wife started the incident, police said.

However, according to authorities, the woman said her husband became angry about use of a phone and punched the woman in the face. Police also said the 6-year-old, child to the married couple, corroborated the mother's story.

No bond was listed, but Plummer was expected in court Tuesday.


Other Arrests

Sherrie Hannon, 41, of Woodland Pl., was charged Monday evening with larceny and conspiracy.

Marissa Frany Idian, 43, of Blatchley Ave. in Southington, was charged Monday night with larceny.

Shantel Lyles, 27, of Woodland Pl., was charged Monday evening with larceny and conspiracy.

Terrill Ronzon Speight, 40, of Palmer St., was charfged Monday afternoon with violation of probation.


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