Police: Stamford Man Broke Woman's Jaw

Incident last October started with women accompanying assailant taunting one of the sisters, police said.


A Stamford man was arrested by warrant Tuesday for allegedly assaulting two sisters in South Norwalk last year, resulting in one suffering a broken jaw.

Anthony Rivera was stopped by Fairfield Police, who contacted Norwalk Police after learning he was wanted here for the alleged assault. Police spokeswoman Sgt. Lisa Cotto did not have a report explaining how Rivera came to the attention Fairfield officers.

Cotto said the alleged assault occurred last October 7 at around midnight in front of 118 Washington St., which is an apartment building.

The sisters told officers two women with Rivera whom they didn’t know began shouting vulgarities at one of them, including calling her a bitch and a crack head.

They allegedly said Rivera then approached one of them and the other sister stepped in front of her to defend her. They said Rivera punched one of them in the jaw, breaking it, and punched the other in the eye.

Rivera and the women with him then entered a car and drove away, Cotto said. She said the incident was witnesses by several persons who recorded the car’s license plate.

When officers arrived, they reported one of the 38-year-old victims was bleeding from the mouth and very upset, while the other had swelling around an eye. The sister with the broken jaw was taken to Norwalk Hospital.

The case was turned over to detectives who contacted the owner of the car. That person said she had lent the vehicle to a relative who had picked up Rivera and his female friends.

Rivera, 29, of 85 Stillwater Ave., was charged with second-degree assault. He was held on $25,000 bond and given a court date of March 7.


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