Police: Men Carrying Drugs Stop Car in Middle of Street Next to Cop

The two men pulled up near a traffic stop in progress and stopped their car in the middle of Washington Boulevard.

According to police, a Bridgeport man was arrested early Thursday morning after the car he was riding in stopped for a traffic stop - that wasn't his traffic stop.

A Stamford police officer involved in a 3:30 a.m. motor vehicle stop on Washington Boulevard noticed a car pulled up approximately 30 feet behind him and stopped in the middle of the street, police said.

As the vehicle sat there for several minutes, the officer walked over to the vehicle and found two men, confused, with bloodshot, watery eyes, authorities said. One of those men was identified as Benjie L. McDonald, 39, from Bridgeport. 

After several requests, the driver managed to roll his driver-side window down and could not verbalize to the officer why he had stopped the vehicle or where they were headed, police said.

The passenger never moved despite repeated requests to also open the window, police said.

Authorities report a remnants of marijuana were visibly evident in the car and a K-9 unit was called in. Upon arrival, K-9 Officer Bobbi indicated the passanger's side door as an area of concern, police said.

Further investigation revealed a small baggie with remnants of a white powder, which would later test positive as cocaine, police said.

McDonald was charged with possession fo narcotics and hallucinogenics. He's being held in lieu of $1,000 bond. The driver of the vehicle was released without charge.

Other Arrests:

Jose Rivera, 28, of Woodland Ave., was arrested on failure to appear charges.

Elmer Bonilla, 28, of Woodland Ave., was arrested on failure to appear charges.

Amanda Jovita Green, 25, of Soundview Ave., was arrested on shoplifting charges.


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