Plumber Responding to Burst Pipe Charged with Assaulting Fire Marshal

A West Haven plumber was arrested for attacking a fire marshal after the Stamford Fire Department responded to a call from a city resident who said the plumber couldn't get a burst pipe under control.

According to authorities, Anthony Malangone, 38, of 40 Frederick Street in West Haven, was called to 23 Highland Avenue in Stamford to deal with a burst pipe there, but after being on scene "for hours" and knocking out a 3'-by-5' section of the kitchen wall, discovered he couldn't contain the leak, which was pouring down into the electrical outlets.

When the fire department responded and the fire marshal began inquiring about the hole in the wall, Malangone allegedly attempted to leave the scene and walked out to his van. As he was attempting to enter the vehicle, two fire marshals followed him out and continued to question him, authorities said.

At that point, Malangone allegedly struck the marshal in the face and then kicked him in the chest, each marshal involved in the altercations individually and separately told the authorities who responded, police said.  At that point, firefighters on scene restrained the man in his van until police arrived.

Authorities arrived on scene at approximately 9:46 p.m. and observed a cut on the fire marshal's face from where his glasses had been pushed into his face. After interviewing those on scene, Malangone was arrested and charged with assault on a fire official, a felony. He was held in lieu of $1,000 bond.


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