Pair Allegedly Attempts to Rob Man at Knifepoint in Stamford

One of the suspects was tasered when he allegedly began scuffling with a police officer.

A police officer was forced to taser a man who allegedly pulled a large knife on a victim Wednesday evening during an earlier robbery attempt, Stamford Police Capt. Tom Wuennemann said Thursday.

According to Wuennemann, an officer on patrol in W. Park Place was approached by the victim of the alleged incident, who said two Hispanic men had asked him for money and, when he declined and told them he had none, pulled knives out. The victim ran away and came upon the police officer, Wuennemann said.

The officer put out the description of the suspects and took the victim for a tour of the area to see if they could spot the suspects. According to Wuennemann, the officer and victim found the suspects at Stephens and Smith streets.

According to Wuennemann, the officer exited his vehicle and ordered the men to stop walking. One of the men, identified as Portino Severiano, 47, allegedly began to walk away from the officer, who physically stopped the man. An altercation ensued and the officer tasered the suspect struggling with him, Wuennemann said.

The second suspect, identified as Juan Carlos Pachero-Carreno, 30, did not interfere or attempt to flee during the altercation, Wuennemann said.

A large knife was allegedly discovered in the backpack Severiano was carrying, Wuennemann said. In Pachero-Carreno's fron pocket, police allegedly found a Swiss Army knife.

Pachero-Carreno faces charges of first-degree robbery, conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery and carrying a dangerous weapon.

Severiano faces the same charges with an additional charge of interfering with an officer/resisting.


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