Paint-Ball Perpetration? Inebriated Misdirection?

Allegations involving paint balls, alcohol, folderol in police reports from Fairfield and New Haven counties.

A New Haven man and a North Haven juvenile are accused of roaming the streets of Hamden and shooting at people from their car with a paintball gun. Three people were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries after the incidents.


A Bridgeport man police believe was involved in a motor vehicle crash was arrested in Trumbull after he was allegedly found sleeping in a bed in a home where he didn't live.

Trumbull police gave this account: A couple heard a noise in their home late at night and checked the guest bedroom, where they found the man. They called 911. The man was incoherent at times but said he entered through a window.


When a man and woman allegedly began pulling duffel bags from the trunk of their car following a traffic accident, a police officer figured something was up. The officer reported finding the felon to be in possession of assault rifles and drugs.


Monroe police arrested a driver who didn't know where he was for DUI. According to the report, he asked an officer if he was in Orange and when told he was in Monroe said, "Wow."


A Fairfield woman was arrested after she allegedly struck a 15-year-old male in the forehead with a five-pound dumbbell, police said. The juvenile was also arrested for allegedly shoving the woman during an altercation.


A Monroe man was arrested in Fairfield after police saw his car—parked and running—in the middle of the road. The man was reportedly passed out and had a used syringe on his lap. According to police, he later admitted to using heroin.


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