Operation SANTA Clamps Down on Drinking, Driving

State police are stepping up enforcement in light of increased drinking.

Connecticut State Police are joining colleagues across the nation to curb drunken driving this month. Operation S.A.N.T.A (Stop Another Needless Tragic Accident) means that “DUI enforcement will increase dramatically during this holiday season,“ according to state police.

Law enforcement in the area will target Interstate 95 and other state roads. Sobriety checkpoints are planned.

“Our state troopers are trying to save lives and keep all of our roads and highways safe,” said Reuben Bradford, Emergency Services & Public Protection Commissioner. “Remember mixing alcohol with driving any vehicle is a dangerous combination for everyone, and illegal in our state”.

Traditionally at this time of year many, police say holiday celebrations such as house and office parties take place. Many of these parties may include the consumption of alcohol. According to police, "some partygoers will not designate a non-drinking driver and will neglect to remember that mixing alcohol with driving any motor vehicle is unwise, dangerous and illegal."


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