Neighborly Frustrations Lead to Stamford Snow Shovel Assault

Suspect allegedly attacks neighbor over placement of discarded snow.

On Saturday afternoon, Feb. 9, frustrations between neighbors on Sylvan Knoll Rd. over where shoveled snow was being discarded led to one of the neighbors brying to shovel the other away, police said Monday.

According to authorities, as a neighbor was digging out his mother's vehicle, John Carr, 56, came running out of his house, yelling and causing a scene. Police said it was reportedly over where the victim was discarding the shoveled snow.

The dispute allegedly escalated from pushing and shoving to a point where Carr began to strike his neighbor about the head with a snow shovel, police said. 

Authorities said several neighbors corroborated the victim's version of the events, as did Carr, who allegedly admitted to becoming frustrated with a neighbor he's "had issues with for several years."

Carr was charged with second-degree breach of peace. He faces no assault charges, police said, as the alleged victim reported he was not injured in the incident.


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