Man Charged in Stamford with Scamming Banks with Bad Checks

The man allegedly used bad deposits to withdraw $11,000 in funds over three days in June, according to police.

A Stratford man was arrested and charged in Stamford for his involvement in an alleged check-cashing scheme across several bank branches, police announced Wednesday morning. 

According to Sgt. Andrew Gallagher, Zachary Lewis Zamfino, 28, of Sands Pl., allegedly opened a checking account in April with Fairfield County Savings Bank with a minimal balance under $100. The account remained inactive until June.

Between June 4 and June 6, the account suddenly began to see a great deal of activity, Gallagher said, and seven deposits ranging in amounts from $100 to $4,000 were allegedly made from a Capitol One checking account.

Before the checks could be processed and discovered as bad, withdraws from the Fairfield County Savings account were made in the amount of roughly $11,000 at ATMs and various branches around Fairfield County, including a half-dozen Stamford locations and a Norwalk branch, Gallagher said.

Gallagher said the case remains under investigation, and said police believe Zamfino was allegedly working with at least two other co-conspiritors, including a suspect already in police custody on an unrelated matter. The third suspect is still being sought.

Zamfino faces charges of second-degree larceny, conspiracy to commit second-degree larceny and seven counts of conspiracy to commit the crime of issuing bad checks.


Stamford Arrests

Steven Bernard Barnes, 23, of Monroe St. in Bridgeport, charged Tuesday evening with third-degree criminal trespass.

Louis Gaston, 41, of Grove St., charged Tuesday morning with illegal operation of a motor vehicle while under suspension and failure to display lights.

Amanda Jovita Green, 26, of Green St., charged Wednesday morning with second-degree failure to appear.

James Lewis, 22, of Westport Ave. in Norwalk, charged Tuesday evening with third-degree criminal trespass.



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