Make Sure Aggressive Pets Don't Delay Holiday Deliveries

A postal worker had to delay deliveries on Euclid Ave. in Stamford because of an aggressive dog.


A postal worker filed a complaint against a a home on Euclid Avenue where an aggressive Labrador mix was keeping the mail from being delivered.

Hollywood said the postal worker had apparently brought the issue to the attention of the homeowner on previous occasions. She said the post office typically gives warning for issues like aggressive animals before making the decision not to deliver to the address at all and forcing the homeowner to pick up their mail at the post office.

Hollywood said dogs are territorial about their yards and, with increased delivery activities during the holiday season, could become increasingly so as truck drivers seek to drop off packages.

Hollywood suggests keeping animals away from the spaces delivery personnel might have to travel during the normal course of operations as a courtesy throughout the holiday season.


A 5-year-old female Maltese was brought to the Stamford Animal Care & Control Shelter after it was allegedly found in a crate on Richmond Hill Avenue, Director Laurie Hollywood said. 

Hollywood said a family from Bridgeport dropped the dog off, saying they found it during a visit with family in the area. She said the person dropping it off informed her they had kept the dog for approximately 3 weeks before bringing it to the shelter in case anyone was looking for it.

Hollywood said the dog smelled of skunk and urine, its fur was stained and she ate like she hadn't eaten in weeks.

Hollywood said another person from Bridgeport called the shelter saying they'd been missing a Maltese for several weeks.

Hollywood said, due to the condition of the dog, if the caller proved to be the previous owner, she would have Bridgeport Animal Control making visits to check on the welfare of the dog. If the dog remained unclaimed, there was an approved applicant waiting to give her a good home.


A Staffordshire Terrier was recovered and reunited with its owner after Hollywood said it jumped out of the window of a truck last week.

She said dogs are often able to squeeze through spaces much smaller than what their owners believe they are capable.

A police officer found the dog roaming on Southfield Ave. and brought it to animal control, where they were able to locate the owner. Hollywood said she did not believe the truck was moving at the time of the dog's escape.


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