Knife Allegedly Found in Car of Group Threatening Stamford Man

Arrests and investigations from around Stamford.

Four men were arrested following an alleged altercation in which the group showed up to a complainant's residence and started threatening to shoot the victim, police said Thursday. 

According to police, approximately six men reportedly showed up to the victim's house on Woodbine Rd. after the victim was involved in an altercation with a cousin of one of the suspects. 

The suspects, identified by authorities as Jose Torres, 30, of Noble Ave. in Bridgeport, Zachary L. Savona, 29, of Elmtree Pl., Marcello Savona, 22, of Knickerbocker Ave. and Jake Savona, 20, of Kickerbocker Ave., allegedly showed up to the suspects house yelling and screaming. 

Police said one of the suspects threatened to shoot the victim. When the complainant called police, the suspects allegedly fled the scene at the sound of sirens. Police stopped two vehicles traveling in separate directions that allegedly contained the suspects. 

The suspects allegedly informed police they were in the area looking for retribution in light of the earlier altercation between the complainant and the suspect's cousin, police said. 

In one of the suspects vehicles, police allegedly found a Bowie knife and baseball bat. No gun was found, though police are still searching for two additional suspects they say were involved in the incident at the complainant's house. 

Torres and all three Savona's were charged with second-degree breach of peace. Zachary L. Savona was also charged with with illegal possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle due to the weapons allegedly found in the vehicle he owned and was operating. 


Stamford Arrests

Yvette Noemie Belmont, 48, of Castle Rock Dr. in Southlake, Tx, charged Wednesday night with disorderly conduct. 

Adrienne C. Muniz, 55, of N. Taylor St. in Norwalk, charged Wednesday night with disorderly conduct. 


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