Good Samaritan Breaks Up Attempted Robbery

Police said the man chased away a suspect who struck a woman in the face in an attempt to steal her phone.


A woman was reportedly struck in the face during an attempted strong-arm robbery of her cellphone Sunday afternoon, police said Monday. 

At approximately 2:45 p.m., the woman was walking along Greyrock Place exiting the parking garage when she was struck in the right side of the face by a black male between the ages of 16 and 20 who was riding a bike, police said.

The woman dropped her phone, but as the suspect attempted to take possession of the item, an unknown Good Samaritan exiting the garage scared him off, according to police. The woman recovered her phone at the scene.

The victim told authorities she believed the mugger did not intentionally strike her, but she was hit as he failed in his attempt to grab her phone as he rode by, police said.


Other Arrests

Nestor Enrique-Contreras, 25, of Lafayette St., was charged Monday morning with evading responsibility and operating a motor vehicle without a license.

Juan Lima, 21, of Davenport St., was charged Sunday night with third-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace.

John Plunkett, 50, of Maple Ave., was charged Sunday evening with second-degree failure to appear.


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